Selected Publications

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Running modulates primate and rodent visual cortex via common mechanism but quantitatively distinct implementation

Liska JP
Rowley DP
Nguyen TTK
Muthmann J
Butts DA
Yates JL
Huk AC
Preprint 2022

A dynamic sequence of visual processing initiated by gaze shifts

Parker PRL
Martins DM
Leonard ESP
Casey NM
Sharp SL
Smear EC
Yates JL
Mitchell JF
Niell CM
Preprint 2022

Activity in primate visual cortex is minimally driven by spontaneous movements

Talluri BC
Kang I
Lazere A
Quinn KR
Kaliss N
Yates JL
Butts DA
Nienborg H
Preprint 2022

Beyond Fixation: detailed characterization of neural selectivity in free viewing primates

JL Yates
SH Coop
GH Sarch
R Wu
D Butts
M Rucci
JF Mitchell
Preprint 2021

Motion perception in the common marmoset

SL Cloherty*
JL Yates*
D Graf
GC DeAngelis
JF Mitchell
Cerebral Cortex 2020

Gaze and the control of foot placement when walking in natural terrain

JS Matthis
JL Yates
MM Hayhoe
Current Biology 2018

Functional dissection of signal and noise in MT and LIP during decision-making

JL Yates
IM Park
LN Katz
JW Pillow
AC Huk
Nature Neuroscience 2017

The role of the lateral intraparietal area in (the study of) decision making

AC Huk
LN Katz
JL Yates
Annual review of neuroscience 2017

Single-trial spike trains in parietal cortex reveal discrete steps during decision-making

KW Latimer
JL Yates
MM Meister
AC Huk
and JW Pillow
Science 2015

Continuous Psychophysics: Target-tracking to Measure Visual Sensitivity

K Bonnen
J Burge
JL Yates
JW Pillow
LK Cormack
Journal of Vision 2015